Rolex and NOKIA, who is the king of resistance?

NOKIA in the mobile phone ring has been a strong and tough, the pronoun, it is said that from dozens of layers thrown to the ground, the ground can be a pit. Is known as "NOKIA watch industry reputation Rolex how strong? It had to start from an anecdotal: And listen to people say that replica watches can hit walnut, most people first reaction is certainly questionable, at least I'm not too, (although say with every detail vividly described the) "every time eat walnuts, I will subconsciously look at the green ghost." After all, not seen, the results of an investigation data found that Rolex in the eyes of everyone just opened hung. What: "down to the walnut, up to block the knife with; throw into the hot pot, nothing." My ass! Does Rolex waterproof and strong degree are quite good, but who will believe you can throw Hot pot. Green ghost We first talk from smashing walnuts and gang bosses take it knife block problem, cardboard walnut adult male can best choice knocked, not to mention Rolex? Of course not to knock on the table mirror, with the body of 904L steel to hit, sapphire crystal as a synthetic glass hardness only to diamond, although the scratch wear but cuisheng. Mustering the effort of "click" down, really just snapped (table mirror broken), may produce a buy Wenwan walnut (most solid walnut, household car in the past may not be the illusion of any injury). Walnut We do not know there is no latte hammer and chisel walnut impression as alloy steel as the metal iron can be strong, so the use of the replica watches uk 904L steel cracked walnut or no problem. It is very likely due to improper operation or leave dents scratches, 904L steel is better than 316L steel corrosion resistance and wear resistance is much, but their strength and hardness is not what great difference. This knife block problem naturally and smashing walnuts have different approaches but equally satisfactory results all bear the weight of the first sapphire crystal under what should be no big problem, after estimation on hidden power and name the glorious dead. A watch strap will certainly not be cut off, who can guarantee second or the same block point and strength, but may still be bent! For Rolex's point of view, the extent to which it should be due to the film and television works on the equivalent of hard currency interpretation. Hot pot Yuanyang rolex replica's quality and waterproof performance has been recognized, but there is no chance to witness, until there are users of the brain hole big open really put it into the refrigerator. As an ordinary person, anyway, I do not want to play, but also for the courage of the users to point like, frozen a night out - Rolex ice hockey. Look scary, the pointer is still moving, etc. after the thaw that walking is still accurate, sad is not to say, a word: bar! Rolex It is said that there are thrown into the Hot pot, "Shua" picked up most of the high waterproof watches are not what problem, soil clean son also like new. But if you put in. For a while, this is a good water table to play, also proved that the above problem is how water cock, water vapor, easily affect the accurate operation of core components into the body after a hot bath is not good not to mention Shabu? In the end no matter or spicy consomme are good. Road rage Why has always stressed the importance of high quality watch? First, is resistant to exercise; second well, or the resistance to exercise! Especially now hot days, those who have roadrage people quarrel more Diaojia? The whole Rolex yiyanbuge, namely your fingers, do not take off a broken screen, gas also maybe the other party will feel the "taste ~", a win-win situation! If there is no fire, there is a universal NOKIA!! Smashing the windows or clear the memory no matter (as head gently to you) with you like, what was seen before the broken NOKIA? Die point paint.