Watch more than ordinary table where?

The modern people life level is good, but also willing to spend money to buy luxury goods, but some people will think that I watch dozens of pieces of money still very punctual very good, really do not understand those hundreds of millions or even tens of thousands of table one hundred thousand why people will buy, how where is good? Xiao Bian today and you talk about this problem: watches than ordinary table where? Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-one thousand five hundred and one Texture of material Compared with ordinary table, replica watches uk whether material or attachment to the choice of material, has a critical requirement. Don't say that platinum, gold, rose gold or platinum watch, with steel, the stainless steel watch and the ordinary table is not the same, the most typical example used by Rolex are 904L stainless steel, 904L stainless steel used in high-tech, aerospace and chemical industry, its excellent corrosion resistance the performance is comparable to a variety of precious metals. In addition, annex materials, such as wear-resistant sapphire table mirror, pearl dial, Crocodile Leather Watchband and so on, the cost is much higher than the ordinary table. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-one thousand five hundred and two Movement It can be said that the watch movement is the art movement common form is industrial table, watches movement can be repeated viewing, movement regular tables do not want to look at second. However, it is estimated that the general table will not do back through the core of their own inner core exposed. In terms of mechanical watch, the value of the process movement is to determine the value of a rolex replica core, the reason why the world famous Swiss watch, and its manufacturing process is not open. An ordinary watch movement is usually batch machine products, and build Seiko secret agents of hand, certainly there is a difference between the incomparable. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-one thousand five hundred and three Decorative material Often watch and watch in order to highlight the decorative luxury, in the dial and bezel, watchband decoration, the diamond jewelry, agate, genuine goods at a fair price, gold and silver and other precious stones precious metal mosaic, makes clear the value of watches. This is particularly evident in the female form, which is why many women is one of the reasons is that expensive quartz watch. And ordinary soldiers do not have to do so, even if the pursuit of the beautiful appearance, but also with artificial gems or gold, etc.. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-one thousand five hundred and four Historical culture Some families often are not the so-called upstart or upstart, this is because both the upstart or upstarts often without their family background, but one hundred years or so family medical family, to give a person with dignity and a sense of trust, but also like watches. Many watches have become famous, because the origin has a long history, a long history and unique culture inevitably precipitated feelings, it is unable to copy the value of resources and regeneration. Just like the Swiss watch hundreds of years of manual transmission, while the ordinary table, only produced products. This is the difference between art and commercial small often think, domestic table than the Swiss poor table, technology can also learn and progress, but the history and culture of the gap is really difficult to match. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-one thousand five hundred and five Brand value We can say a lot of people buy watches is because the brand value, like designer clothes handbags, brand watches is the embodiment of quality assurance and additional value; even if there is a table in the well-known brand, is incomparable. If you buy a Hermes bag, it wasn't nice how strong, but can make you attractive, vanity to meet. Watch the same, such as a Patek Philippe or Vacheron Constantin to bring your vanity, a sense of achievement and value added social attribute table is certainly different. Two hundred and one million six hundred and eighty-one thousand five hundred and six Collection and maintenance People often say that Rolex value, is because you spend much money to buy it, it may be able to sell it to earn back the money. Some watches perhaps not so replica watches value, but compared with ordinary table, the secondary market is still considerable. In addition, many watches because of its special process or unique significance of attributes, many manual edition, also has a certain value to the collection and appreciation of space, while the ordinary table worn unless the celebrity give it value, otherwise it can depreciation. In a word, then your watch must have a reason, and people's pursuit of life and love, decided to choose to buy watches or ordinary people table. We choose, don't feel too ashamed of ordinary table, also need not feel too watches drunby, the most important thing is to straighten out their own capabilities, attitude.