Watch Maintenance Tips

The real problem is that you can now start the new watch can become a classic or popular watch tomorrow, in order to achieve a high uncertainty, may also need ten years to observe these watches on the market trends. Rolex sea makes the type 16600 often make people feel that it can become a classic one day (especially because it's almost no different from its predecessor). Now breitling replica sea to make the release of 16600 new models, it can be said that the real heir to the prototype, there may be a negative impact on the value of the previous paragraph. Rolex And then return to the topic just Rolex and Patek Philippe, they are still in terms of hedging is quite unique. Another worth looking forward to is the Royal Oak "Ref15202" Ref.14802, Jumbo as its predecessor, from the beginning of 1972, to 12 years, "Jumbo" of the dial is getting closer and closer to the prototype. However, Royal Oak watchband also change, thick also replaced buckle. But for the old Ref.5402 demand has never weakened, so far there are still almost 55~60% of the purchase rate, in the past five years, this special type of market has increased quite a number, but may not reach the top. Audemars Pigeut jumbo5402 There is a point based on past events to watch value speculation immature suggestions: to suddenly change the style or recently popular brands have special attention, this does not mean that you have to have a super purse. For example, as the Lemania5100 movement is equipped with the Sinn 142 just produced, the price of about $1600. And now even if you can find a little bit of a decent point, at least spend $3000, the same situation also occurred in the EZM Sinn 1. EZM1 Sinn If you enter a brand changed slightly, such as in previous years, the newly established Linde Werdelin, the concept of "watch + instrument" is very interesting, and now also with not too difficult, so many people will form its initial paragraph injection. Although the brand isrolex replica still quite a way to go, but the initial level has been astonishing enough. May be in a lot of people began to search for early models when the brand can really start. This is similar to the other brand track, there are still many earlier development of the independent brand. Gr nefeld o A member of the Holland high-end independent watchmaking brand Gr o nefeld is the earliest use of stainless steel material, it may become a good investment opportunity, but the fact is that only a few people can afford. If you have a prototype, it may be difficult to maintain, it is worth noting that the new changes in some of the stages of the brand (not necessarily non - independent of the above mentioned in the brand). True force Take the truth, who knows what changes will be made after the new CEO on the stage? Brand will certainly be able to reach an unprecedented new height it? If this is the case that the current collection of funds may not be suitable for the future development trend of the table, it will not be easy to choose.replica watches