Waterproof 30 meters of the watch why not really waterproof 30 meters?

Many may not know the table friends would often mistake rolex replica waterproof waterproof 30 meters, such as watch, someone will think the watch within 30 meters of water is no problem. The results later paid the price, but I feel that there is a quality problem of watches, when they buy a watch is not already marked "waterproof 30 meters", why is it still water damage? OMEGA flying saucer In fact, here the "waterproof 30 meters" does not mean "watch can dive to 30 meters under water". The real meaning behind it is just "can resist the pressure of 30 meters deep water". General 30-50 meters waterproof, can resist a splash and wash up and under the rain falling raindrops, but time is not too long. One might ask, why not watch waterproof 30 meters really waterproof 30 meters? Rolex No one in the world can replica watches brand production every piece of experience to 30 meters, 50 meters, 100 meters of the actual depth test, in order to quantify the degree of water in the production process of waterproof watch so introducing pressure test. Waterproof 30 meters is actually able to withstand the pressure of 30 meters water column, it is 3. Some people may ask, bear the pressure of 3 bar is not the representative can withstand the pressure of 30 meters of water? Why can be under pressure, or will the water? NOMOS The factory test time is too short, the difficulty is too low According to the current international standard for waterproof table ISO2281 (domestic QB/T1897), a waterproof table only need to test 12 minutes on the pressure machine. In addition, even up to 1 hours of actual water test, here use the container's depth is only 8 cm to 12 cm deep, basic and sink depth almost, even may not reach. Orient-watch Factory testing is simulated by the static test, the actual use is dynamic When testing, just put the watch into the water press and the container on the line, do not need to move. In real life, the watch will be with the wearer's wrist, the body's movement, the impact of the moment, the pressure will increase the risk of watch water. Pohl Watch Waterproof device will be aging Water table test is indeed a time to meet the design requirements, but with the passage of time, the key waterproof design where the rubber ring will gradually aging, loss of elasticity, crack, and waterproof paste will be bad. At this time, the water will enter into the case. Therefore, the strict requirements of the diving table must be re testing every year, to replace, in case of rubber rings, waterproof paste aging water. NOMOS 01 Maintenance after the detection level is low Watch in the maintenance after the general need for waterproof test, but in the market, most of the detection methods of repair shops are used "compression decompression method", this method requires the instrument is cheap, easy to carry, easy to operate, but it can't detect the leak slightly. And the regular factory is the factory is using a higher technical requirements of the water pressure method, the results of the detection is more accurate. In addition, a lot of small repair shop test equipment does not simulate the water pressure of 100 meters, can only do tens of meters. In this way, a more subtle leak will certainly not be detected. Oriental table Wrong wearing habit For example, some people will take a rolex replica to wash hot bath, sauna, this kind of behavior, the harm of the clock is very big. Whether it is marked, waterproof 30 meters 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters and even watches are definitely not used in such a way that the world is not available for a hot bath and sauna watch. The temperature difference between the temperature and the water proof test of the above two conditions is too large. More need to be reminded that the solid materials have properties of expansion and contraction, in the case of thermal expansion and cold shrink will produce tiny cracks, water will cause water take advantage of the crack and enter the watch. Even watch a good waterproof performance one or two times without water, but if things go on like this will accelerate the waterproof aging parts, watch the inlet water may occur at any time. Some other unusual situation will lead to watch because the water damage, such as watches with cosmetics (lotion, perfume) cause waterproof ring aging, and wearing the watch after the sea not promptly rinse with water, resulting in seawater corrosion residual shell, waterproof ring etc.. In 1926, Rolex created the first waterproof watch, let watchmaking technology move forward. It is no longer unusual to have a waterproof watch now, but we have to understand the meaning of the waterproof watch correctly, and to cultivate the correct habit of wearing table to protect our love table to extend its service life.